Ilias Kousis Yoga

Health, Happiness, Strength, Transformation.


I am Ilias.

It is my life’s purpose to use the effective tools of Forrest Yoga coupled with my personal experience, to inspire you to live your life to its highest potential. I will teach you to use your strong focus and attention to explore your body and mind in ways that may have been unknown to you. I will teach you how to breathe deeply so you can break free of the automatic way of being and delve deeper into feeling. You will connect the wisdom of the brain with the wisdom of the rest of your body and develop strong intuitive skills.

By sharpening your focus on the mat you will begin noticing the patterns that may be hindering you from living your life more happily and freely. I invite you to make a Warrior’s choice and start carving your way towards empowering yourself, so you can make wiser choices about how you wish to run your life, free of fear, insecurity and self-limiting beliefs. Let me help you open up to new possibilities and allow your self to realise that you can –and deserve to– live a fulfilling life on this planet.

Walk with me.