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In the beginning of my career as a healer, I was very hesitant to believe in my skills. Deep inside I always knew healing is possible for anyone who is genuinely determined, but I couldn’t get to persuade myself that I could help catalyse this process within others. The fact that lately I have been working with an array of different kinds of people makes me realise the immense value of what I do. I can now say to you with confidence; I can help you in your healing process. That is, only if you believe it yourself and you are committed. With the commitment of both the healer and the person who wants to do the work, impossible is nothing. And I see this daily.

We can work together regarding any issue that may be inhibiting you from living a happy life. You will be astonished to hear for example that you may be able to avoid surgeries, or shed a pain that has been with you for as long as you can remember. I work with athletes who wish to improve their performance and sustainability of what they do. With office-desk workers who face physical stress due to the sedentary lifestyle. With corporate people who face tremendous emotional stress, which eventually affects not only their business-related decision-making, but also their private lives. With people who wish to tackle emotional challenges. These are some of the examples.

I invite you to explore your issues from a multi-layer perspective, delve deeper and begin to understand the intertwining of all layers including the physical, emotional and spiritual.

Prices & Packages:

  • 60 min. session, 70 € (5x60 min package, 320 €)

  • 90 min. session, 90 € (5X90 min package, 420 €)

  • 8-week commitment package of 90 min sessions, 660 €

*Prices will vary depending on the location.