Ever since I got introduced to Forrest Yoga my life took a different course.

Forrest Yoga helped me to realise my true purpose and more importantly to risk chasing after it. Through Forrest Yoga I learned how fear and insecurity have been sabotaging my life and holding me back from speaking my Truth.

It seems like that everything we do in this life has strong foundations in our spiritual and emotional wellness. There is enough evidence showing that our traumas and spiritual gaps act as sneaky, underlying causes for physical ailments and chronic illnesses. The vast majority of our health problems today, including addictive behaviour, depression, anxiety, autoimmune diseases and chronic pain derive from our disconnection from our spiritual nature. What’s more, in societal level our spiritual disconnection has led us to take actions against the life harmony of our planet, which goes as far as threatening the human species towards extinction within the next few generations. Our future on this planet greatly depends on us choosing to Walk in Beauty.

By sharing the tools of Forrest Yoga combined with my own perceptions and life lessons, I wish to “Mend the Hoop of the people” by helping our people to see beyond their conditioning, fears and self-limiting thoughts and embody their Spirit. What I know now for sure, is that there is no limit to the human potential – and I intend to help you find out how truthful that is.


But wait a minute… What is Forrest Yoga?

Forrest Yoga is a hatha-based yoga style created by Ana Forrest and is designed to address the needs of our modern people today. Over the last few years, Ana joined forces with Jose Calarco and together they enriched Forrest Yoga with aboriginal musical and ceremonial aspects and healing techniques. The system is being updated and changed constantly to adapt to the fast-pacing evolution of our lifestyle and by extension, help our people to be more focused, connected to themselves and maintain their overall health. Through the intense physical and emotional practice of Forrest Yoga, students learn to breathe more deeply, strengthen their body and ultimately strengthen their bond with their Spirit. Despite its intensity, the sequences are always accessible for all levels and body physiques as there are available up- and down-level variations for each pose.

If you have a body, then you can -and should do- yoga!

Another aspect of Forrest Yoga, is that the students delve deeper into their internal wilderness, emotions start freeing up from the body and rise to the surface. The practice helps the students sharpen their focus and awareness, which in turn allows them to begin to realise how may fear, insecurity and self-limiting beliefs prevent them from living a life they are truly proud of. That is the first step towards emotional healing; and it is powerful to know that we can be more in control of our life choices.

What should I expect if I come to your class, Ilias?

First of all my dear friend, I would love to have you in class regardless what you think about your body – fat, weak, inflexible etc. Perhaps you would like to know that I have been an obese person myself (ask me, I will show you a photo if you don’t believe me).

My classes will encourage you to work on your edges –both physically and emotionally– and will help you to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. I will offer you lots of hands-on adjustments and personalised vocal cues. I may come and let you know about what “I see” in terms of energetic blocks in your body.

With consistent practice, you will start making choices on the mat that honour your body and Spirit and ultimately incorporate them into your life. I am there to help you go deeper, move beyond the inner voices telling that you are not good enough and start discovering how to speak your Truth. By Truth speaking, you can live a life that is more fun, free and truly fulfilling. The moment you discover your Truth, you know your strength and value. You know you are invaluable and unique and you start honouring yourself. You begin to emit your light and this is what the world needs from you: your truest, most authentic self!

For those of you who think Yoga can be boring; you are right, it can be.

My teaching style disproves this paradigm. I guarantee you will have lots of fun and you won’t even realise when the time passed. I will encourage you to turn on your curiosity, as each class will be an opportunity to take an adventure exploring your body and soul.

You will never be the same after the end of each class.

Walk with me.